Monday, July 9, 2007


First and foremost, inspiration for this blog came from a couple of dynamic young women of color who are also either blogging on their own or co-contributors on other blogs. If you have a chance, pay a visit to gtgoldenchile at womanspelledthisway and Puff at General Musings from Generalists. Two very different bloggettes but I suppose that just showcases the beauty, variety, random, and strange that we all are.

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gtgoldenchile said...

Sistren- Give thanks for your voice, for your wisdom, for your patience, for your honesty, for your journey, for your energy, and for your courage waiting to speak, and posting this blog. I look forward to reading your thoughts, seeing you grow, and laughing out loud with you.
(p.s: womanspelledthisway no longer exists.) LOVE ~ KT