Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Walking with Questions

I've added new inspiration to the right in the form of a blog called " Walking With Questions," by another co-conspirator Johonna McCants.

Johonna is dynamic. She has almost singlehandedly articulated an interdisciplinary framework of organizing and academic study called Carceral Studies, which brings together the organizing history, political frameworks, indigenous knowledge and personal experiences of black and Latina/o encounters with the geography of state violence. This geography of state violence ranges temporally from slavery to the present-day prison industrial complex, and geographically across the inner city streets to the black townships of South Africa. Ms. McCants doesn't necessarily cover ALL of that range--at least not yet--but she has been instrumental in the struggles between police and black and Latina/o youth and youth incarceration in D.C. She is a Steering Committee member of the Justice 4 DC Youth! Coalition, a very active member of BlackoutDC, all while working on her Ph.D. in American Studies at University of Maryland @ College Park.

Her blog is part of and linked to her newest project, an organization she founded and now directs called Visions 2 Peace. I encourage anyone reading this to check out her blog, bookmark it, revisit both sites, and pass it along to anyone interested in the organization, anyone who has experienced state violence, and anyone who is skeptical about the power the police, government, and supposedly autonomous officials (elected and otherwise) have over our everyday lives.

After all, Officer Friendly is really just Bull Connor with a smile.

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