Monday, January 21, 2008


Where: South Carolina. When: Today, better known as the good Dr. Reverend Mr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s national birthday. More where: At the march and rally organized in commemoration of said birthday....

(courtesy: Feminist Law Professors. Can't see the image? Click here)

Scary. Because race doesn't matter in this election right?

Scarier: Some of my undergrads could very easily have been in that crowd.


Transition to.....

Why does Melissa Harris-Lacewell come out SWINGING on Gloria Steinem here.

[Note: This is a few days old, and I've sent it around to some folks privately before, but I have only just had a chance to really listen to it. So if you have heard it already, click it again to get some more goosebumps....]


Along with my L.U.Vely conversation with L.E.M. and R.S.C., we can add this movie to the list of things that have officially made me barren.

Happy Monday.

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