Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Queenly Art of Political Warfare

This is the most fascinating blog series I've seen yet. For anyone who plays chess or loves a scintillating political metaphor you can actually learn from, please check out Shecodes series of lessons on chess as the game of life here.

Lesson 1 and Introduction: The Queen

Lesson 2: The Pawns

Lesson 3: The Rook

Lesson 4: The Bishop

Lesson 5: The King and here (This one is my favorite so far)

Browse the blog. In between the lessons there are various Queens-in-practice posts that apply the metaphor to the real world so that it isn't all abstraction--which I find the most interesting.

My question--Does it Fit? Or is Shecodes stretching the metaphor of chess too far?

(I'm not going to say my opinion unless I get some comments, lol!)

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