Friday, April 11, 2008

Blogging 101: "Proper Attribution"

At Aaminah Hernandez:

*** RULE OF THUMB FOR ALL ATTRIBUTION: There is no shame or wrong in admitting openly that you became aware of a situation or topic by reading about it elsewhere. Any good writer is also a good reader. Stating up-front that something was brought to your attention by another writer(s) is just the most basic of graceful good manners. Specifying who you are influenced by is also just good manners. Someday, if you are the writer-of-worth that you imagine yourself to be, someone else will be influenced by you and your work and you will want, no, EXPECT, them to extend this same courtesy to you. Do unto others… ***
Go to the post to read the rest.

Besides the obvious going on, I am posting this for newbies such as myself who may be lurking, blogging and making mistakes. Just like I am sure I have before and just haven't been called on yet. Just as I am sure I will again (and if I am called out on them, will summarily admit my mistake and apologize to those I have hurt, but that is a sidenote).

On the newbie side, I think the problem is that we sometimes assume that blogging is just journal writing. Or Facebook note writing. Please remember: Blogging is media, as much as an online newspaper or JStor article might be. And bloggers take their work very seriously (i.e. the Creative Commons badge now posted here. Inspired by these ladies amongst many others. And I'm not even a year old).

So whether the issue is Obama, summer sandals, Zimbabwe elections, or immigration--if you've read blogs that helped broaden your horizons on the subject, PLEASE cite. If you are taking direct quotes OR implied ideas, PLEASE cite. Hell, even if you're just borrowing that YouTube video of Snoop Dogg picking his nose--PLEASE cite. Give some link love.

At the very least, the person you linked to will appreciate it and maybe you'll make a new friend.


Aaminah said...

Speaking of new friends... :)

Thank you so much for thinking enough of my posts to link them. You are very kind. I look forward to getting to know you and your blog better. :)

Kismet said...

No, thank you for dropping by!

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