Monday, April 14, 2008

"Butt Nekkid With Glitter on You...

...and a beeper."

Why is she an inspiration? Reason # 236 - E. Badu talks about the music business:

(And why is her hair so fabulous? I don't care if it is synthetic.)

Courtesy: Faux Real

On another note: I know that today (Sunday) is blogging against rape in the Congo. But for some reason, I am still waiting 2 speak on it. Or maybe it is so horrific that I'm momentarily silenced, even in this safe space. But these women are braver than me and deserve a read. See elle, phd for a longer list of bloggers breaking the Greatest Silence....

[Updated: Diary of Anxious Black Women has the lineup of the "blogswarm" on Congo and Darfur here]

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prof bw said...

butt nekkid with glitter on you . . . that made me laugh outloud from deep inside. thanks for posting this. I needed a laugh. :D