Friday, April 18, 2008

The Questions: White Women, White Feminists

Via the Jaded Hippy:

And it is this jolt, not of racism, but of misorientation, that drives the
boundless rage. Because the misorientation is not just morally wrong, but it's
crazy-making. It's a rage that white feminists don't understand partly because
you don't see it as much between women of color and white men who don't
self-consciously identify as feminists. I'm not saying it's all good between
these groups either (!), but, you see, the boundaries are clear, and therefore
there is never a real chance for misorientation. One is never pulled in b/c one
knows what to expect. But if you have a group of white people who say, "Hey
we're feminists and that means we're all in this together and we call this
togetherness 'sisterhood' b/c we're supposed to have each other's backs" and so
on, but then you get stabbed in that very back that they were supposed to have
b/c, oh wait, they be white and you be not, then it's really fucking

Plus, b/c we have this wrong idea that the trajectory of history is that
things are getting better so surely white women will figure it out one of these
decades, but then they don't, you start feeling a little like, goddammit, you're
getting stabbed A LOT. For a really long time. Like, for hundreds of years, the

And the now classic (I am late on posting this) BFP Final Words.

If the question is why do women of color have issues with white women and/or white feminists....

Above is the answer. Read both in their entirety. Misorientation is a b*tch. Betrayal is a b*tch. And if you're a white woman, you probably never had to deal with either as they are conceived of in those two friggin brilliant posts.

If the question (continues to be) why do women of color have issues with Mrs. Clinton....

Above is the answer. And yeah I'm posting this again (because I just can't seem to get enough)

"But Kismet," you ask, "aren't you a woman of color?"




*cricket, cricket*

Let's be clear, Kismet has white female friends that she is proud to claim as friends, confidants, comrades. That she considers sisters in the struggle. The fact that, few as they are, they continue to rise above and beyond the boundaries of race, class and sexual orientation is what makes them allies.

Don't think that a part of me isn't still watching my back...just in case.

"this past was waiting for me
when i came"

How to turn this around? Take a step, ally-to-be. Try this one.

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