Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Because finding your space opened up--and continues to open up--new worlds for me. I am not the same person I was before.

Because I never met you--have yet to meet you, may never meet you--but that was okay with you and you still accepted me. And even acknowledged me.

Because through you I found a chorus of voices I never knew existed but have become inspiring and fundamental for me. To wake up everyday and find them there, patient, fierce, and understanding--just to know that they exist--helps me wake up the next day. Helps me write myself into this world. Helps me speak.

Because I am more disturbed by this loss than I probably have a right to be. (And I hope I am misunderstanding, I hope it isn't true...)

Because I have learned so much from you!

Because there is no way outside of overwrought poetics of saying how much I appreciate you....

...I thank you.

Paz y claridad,


[Updated: Why ask why?]

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