Friday, May 23, 2008


My sister bought me a beautiful journal as a graduation gift. It has real wood covers and gilded edges to the pages with my pen name inscribed on a metal piece on the cover. It's so nice I didn't even want to write in it. However, I've just realized what I can use the journal for. It's much to nice for my daily musings, and since it has my pen name on it I think it only right that I use if for something related to my writing. I finally decided it will be my idea journal where I will put all my ideas for new stories or old stories that I haven't written, or new forms for new and old stories. Any kind of mixture of ideas and forms for those ideas: novels, short stories, a book of short stories related to the same characters or the same world, vignettes, a series, novellas. This will be especially helpful because all lists of ideas I make in my regular journals get lost among the pages and pages of everything else I write in them. Then I can't remember which journals I had ideas in and which ideas I put in which journals. Yay, for a little more organization in my life, especially related to writing. Thanks for the journal, sis!

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Kismet said...

yeah! great idea :)

(and ur welcome *mwah glad you like it...)