Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wash U Students and Faculty Protest Schlafly Honor

I want to preface this with a little disclosure and a little ditty. Disclosure: I'm a WU alum.

Ditty: When I first told this to my mother, she thought I was describing something that happened thirty years ago. Not the silent protest, but the fact that Washington University in St. Louis was giving Schlafly an honorary degree. It took her a second (complete with sputtering exasperation) to realize I was talking about LAST WEEK.

On another note, I really love how mature Schlafly is in regards to the protest. "A bunch of losers"???? Oh yeah? Good job, again, Wash U on giving this women an honorary degree. Jeez.

(Huge courtesy to C. for passing me the link to the video!)


(C. also pointed me in the direction of this link at Feministing. Gracias, mija.)

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