Saturday, June 28, 2008

Real Talk on Michelle Obama

Because most people know how a White woman sounds, acts and feels, most people expect that all other women are going to act this way. Michelle Obama does not sound like a White woman. Nope, she sounds like a Black woman from the south side of Chicago *Imagine my lips pursed and my neck poppin' as I say what I'm about to say* She's not on that with you!...

But because people are not used to a woman like her, I'd argue that they're threatened (hence the "need" to soften her image). And they're threatened BECAUSE they don't know how not to be BECAUSE they've never been taught, never been exposed to a woman like her. Be it educated woman, black woman, real woman, pretty-but-still- smart woman. I don't know that it's a strictly race thing, but I know race has a lot to do with it.

Want the rest? Go have some Tea.

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