Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Search for Self Care

I thought I had some great self care. I thought I handled my stress by writing, sleeping, moping, exercise, work(aholism) and talking to my loved ones on the phone.

But volunteering at the rape crisis center is putting all kinds of new and difficult pressures on my old systems of stress relief. All that self care's b.s. compared to the work I've now gotta do. So time to get back to basics.

Sugar. Chocolate. Pizza.


Nothing like it.

I blame Nunez Mom. Actually, I blame my entire female line. And fie on you're good taste too.

Because I don't want just any Hershey kiss (although those are perfectly good in a pinch).

I want Tiramisu cake from the Cheesecake Factory. Or Neapolitans from the bodega-bakery up the street. Or Potbelly's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies (the bag of a dozen, not the single serving). Burger King also has really great Hershey pie. And Starbucks has all those versions of Frappucino. We won't even touch the pizza, which has to be Chicago style...which means driving to the nearest (15 minutes) Pizzeria Uno and getting the deep dish 12 inch (again, not the single serving)....

Clearly this is putting a serious stress in my wallet and my waistline. And my teeth.

Intervention requested. What do YOU do for self care? And if your self care is possible on a grad student budget, you get a gold star.

[Update @ 8:11 pm, same day - At the moment I am engaging two possible new self cares at the same time: blogging and LOTR. If that doesn't work, I'm calling the activist-crisis hotline. Actually, I may call that tonight anyway. Training was especially hard this week.]

[Update @ 8:23 pm, same day - Ok, ok. There is ice cream involved too. "Grapenut" from the Island Style Trinidad Ice Cream place up the street. Damn, damn, damn.....]

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T said...

First of all, we must be having a similar type of week. I just had a subway chocolate chip cookie (it can't touch potbelly, but I'm just sayin). I've had Giordano's, Pizza Hut, a polish saugage and fries, Ben and Jerry's MCDONALD'S AND Chicago Dog in one week. I actually got a ham and cheese omelette from there at the airport Thursday.

AND, AND I hate to share this secret with the world so soon and sk someone stealing my idea, but [fill in the blank] WILL BE the parting gift at my wedding. People will be talking about it for years to come.

Re: fill in the blank above. I thought it over and decided it's not worth the risk. Call me if you really want to know what I'm giving away.