Sunday, July 20, 2008

Live (Sunday) Linkage

Keep checking back for more tidbits throughout the day.

What a Pimp Reads (via tweet from mdotwrites) which suffers the reading list of child pimp Corey Davis. Davis lived in the house of his mother who, as commissioner of human services for their town, was also responsible for aid to victims of domestic abuse. (!)

I Heart Rice Milk (via Purple Zoe @ Ultraviolet Underground, the blog quirky black girls like me read) has a recipe for rice milk that I am planning to try. Soon.

Renee gets on Disney and its history of racist constructions in her excellent rant against their First Black Princess

How Chicago Shaped Obama b.k.a The 15 pages behind the "satirical" New Yorker cover. (Courtesy: Ta-Nehisi Coates)

And in case you've been living under a rock the last few days, here is the Sun-Times coverage of J.J.'s dumb (or smart?) use of the N-Word on (of all places!) Fox News. (Courtesy: Various places but I got mine from the field) On the View, Whoopi Goldberg and Elizabeth "My Drama Is Central" Hasselbeck got into a tizzy over the use of the N-Word. Hasselbeck, stop, breathe, and sit down (Bossip covers).

Blogdiva (Fellow Boricuan Liza Sabater of the Culture Kitchen ) is live twittering from NetRoots Nation 2008. And loves Van Jones. From what I heard, I could give love as well. What do you think? The Christian Progressive Liberal over at J&J Politics also has some smart things to say about the NetRoots crew.

And I wish I'd known about Textbook Torrents before the book police got to them. Dang it.

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