Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Erzulie & Oshun

"Erzulie continues to articulate and embody a memory of slavery, intimacy, and revenge."

Joan Dayan, "Erzulie: A Women's History of Haiti" (2005)

I miss you guys. Lurkers and commentators alike. And once my wireless is fixed at home I will be back to regular blogging.

In the meantime, here's some Afro-Atlantic religion for your palate. I'm off to Brazil in a few days; I figure it is appropriate.

Catch the Twitter tag #DNC08 for Democratic National Convention updates. Or pop into your favorite DNC blogger and support.

And if you start school this week or next week, happy brand new pencil days to you!

[Update: Mean old picture geezers won't let me post the Erzulie image I found. Sorry, mujeres. But Oshun is just as lovely....]

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