Friday, August 1, 2008

My First Green Smoothie....

...was delicious.

I used a recipe I found on the forum. I'll post it again here.

"The smoothie of love and joy"

3 bananas
A big handfull of strawberries
Almond milk or water
2 handfulls of spinach
4 dates or 1 tsp raw honey
2 tsp flaxseeds (you kan skip this)

I did it with water. I think I could have added more spinach but my little blender was getting filled up.

I am pretty excited although the ingredients are a tad expensive. Or maybe that is because I also bought my safe food (nectarines) at the same time. Either way, flax seeds ended up being pretty affordable at my local co-op and so was the spinach. And you get a lot for the price.

I am biking to the campus shuttle today as my exercise (and to save my wallet). I guess I am kinda hoping that doing the raw thing these 100 days will end up being more affordable. But we'll see; I'll have to do better than today.

Thinking about health, healthy food and economics makes me think of elle's post on South Los Angeles "fast food moratorium." I completely agree with her. A moratorium on fast food isn't the answer. That doesn't build grocery stores. It doesn't put cash in people's pockets to buy $4.00 bags of salad instead of a $1.00 value menu hamburger. It doesn't pay for gas or electricity to run the fridge and freezer that will keep these things from going bad too quickly. All kinds of things that a middle class takes for granted are not so everywhere. I already know I'm privileged if I can even contemplate going raw for 100 days. Not everyone can.

I will keep reflecting on this as the 100-days goes. If you have your own ponderings, check out Cure This, a forum to probe the intersection between class, ethnicity and health in our society today.


Johonna said...

so i got inspired, went to our local co-op, bought some spinach, ginger and soy milk and then returned home to make my first green smoothie today!!

i am drinking it now. it is delicious.

"Green Smooth & Spice"
about 2 frozen bananas
chopped fresh ginger root(to taste, i used a big chunk)
1-2 handfuls of spinach
soy milk


Not sure if it counts as raw food, but it sure is a wonderful start to my renewed mission to eat more fruits and vegetables.

I am also inspired to adopt a new diet for some time but still deciding on what my new diet will be think. Thinking I would like to have all or mostly fruits & veggies for a couple months.

Los Anjalis said...

Kismet! thanks for the CureThis love. You should post this ON CureThis too! Recipes are always empowering, and the discussion about fast food chains is good too (I'll be sure to write more extensively about the LA ban after this week's commitment to some work stuff).

K.Iris said...

Wow raw for 100 days! I think I could find raw foods I like for that many days but I'm not disciplined enough to be able to sit there and prepare all of it. I eat a lot of dairy right now, but I need to do something more healthy.

Flaxseeds are good to use. If you can put them into a recipe do it because they're soooooo healthy for you! Try not to skip them especially if they're mentioned in a recipe. Just make sure you blend them alone first to break the seeds up. Your teeth can't crack them and they'll go straight through your system if they aren't broken up first.

Now I must call you and see what fancy things you are preparing that I'm not too lazy to do myself.

Kismet said...


Yay! I think that sounds really delicious. I've been making smoothies with soy milk before this Raw thing and you're right it isn't raw because the soy milk is processed but it is so delicious! I never tried the ginger in it. I will be doing that.


Ooohhh! Yeah, I would be happy to post it. I love the site and I love the focus of it. It is such an important topic and not discussed enough within discussions also of power & privilege. So I will make sure I migrate this over! I hope Cure This folks like the recipe (which I don't take credit for, unfortunately).


I didn't know that about flax seeds (the go through your system part, lol) so I will make sure to blend them extra well. I think I did good with the last one but got lazy with this one. I will correct that! (I know, I know, TMI!) And I'm not 100% Raw in this challenge, esp. not these first 10 days. But it is good because it makes me really think about what I am putting in my mouth first. I may still put it there, but I've never been so conscious of how many not good things I eat even though I thought I was healthy. I am getting better every day. :) I'll keep you posted co-blogger-o-mine!

Kismet said...


You should post that recipe at Cure This too! (I say, offering the space like it is mine. Is that okay los_anjalis to do that? Sorry if that was inappropriate....)

Los Anjalis said...

HAHA @kismet that's rad! @johonna check out, think about sharing your recipes/stories there! check out our paragraph long about section on the front page of the site. @kismet keep sharing the website as much as you want, we love it :> And excited that you already posted your first post on it!