Friday, August 1, 2008

Raw Food 100-Day Challenge

I'm doing it.

These are my 10 day mini-challenge goals.

Goal: Alternate smoothie every day
Goal: At least two of those smoothies will be green
Goal: Eating green while I am out, even if it is only a salad with or for my meal
Goal: Biking anywhere I can (saves $$ too!)
Goal: Try at least one new raw recipe (this will be easy for this 10 days--it will be my smoothie!)

Safe foods: nectarines, cherries, celery with (homemade, unprocessed) peanut butter

I haven't decided if I am starting a new blog to journal this new adventure, blog it here, blog it on my (all new!) RawFu page, or if I am just going to stick it in the sidebar. I'll keep you posted.

For more information. This challenge is closed until December but definitely sign on for the next round if what you see interests you. I'll post interesting things--like recipes--as I go along.

[Updated: Since the challenge is closed, the link above actually doesn't work. This also scratches out me journaling publicly at Raw Fu. But that's okay, because the idea is to have some accountability and a safe space to do your raw food journey. In the gap, I'll post recipes, links and reflections as the days pass.]


celi said...

I have been tossing around the idea of only eating raw foods for a while but only for a week or two - not 100 days. I look forward to reading and talking to you about the journey. RMSC and I tried a raw foods restaurant here and I enjoyed most of the food but she tells a much better story. I'll try some of your recipes in TWO WEEKS!

Kismet said...


It is pretty hard. I'm not planning (right now) to go 100% RAW. But it is pushing me to think about what I eat and choose better options that are mostly RAW or at least healthy....

I'll try to think of some good recipes for us!

ThummyB said...

YAY, my friend! I know a good # of ppl on one of my message boards who are Raw Foodies. I'm just trying to get to mostly vegetarian...let alone all raw. You go, though! I am cheering for you!