Saturday, September 27, 2008

Barack the Vote

Email I sent Littlest Sis today. Are you in contact with your relatives on how to vote?

Here is the absentee ballot. This is what you do. Do it ASAP because the deadline is next week.

Pass this on to anyone who is registered to vote in the city of Chicago. These instructions only work for the city of Chicago. But not for the suburbs or elsewhere in the state. If you are registered elsewhere in the state, call 312.269.7960 to find out if you can use this ballot and/or how to get the one you need!

If you are not registered in Illinois go to to find out how to get registered, get your absentee ballot and find your election information.

Where this information comes from: and

Where to find the page on absentee voting:

Absentee Voting has 1 - 2 - 3 steps: The Ballot Request, the Ballot, and Mailing the Ballot in.

1. Fill out the attached application in to get an absentee ballot.

2. At the bottom of the page, where it says "address to be mailed if different than home," put your current address.

3. Mail the application NOW. The ballot request must be made by mail, by October 28th.

But it will take time to get the ballot, and no matter what, you will need to mail the ballot in and the ballot must be RECEIVED by the Board of Elections by November 3rd. So mail the ballot request in NOW.

4. Get your absentee ballot in the mail and follow the instructions to vote.

5. When you get the ballot in the mail, just do it there in the post office and mail it back. It will take all of five seconds and once it is in, it is in and done.

5. Sit back and watch the results roll in :)

I also attached instructions for absentee voting and the election/registration schedule.

Last day for Illinois residents to register to vote is October 7th, 2008! So if you aren't registered, get registered. If you are doing registration tabling for an organization, get on your hustle because your time is running out. You have less than two weeks. Make copies of this form if you need to and get people signed up. Pass this on to folks. There is an English and Spanish one so don't be limited by language.

Get registration applications here:

IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO SEND IN THE APPLICATION ON TIME, you should still be able to cast your absentee vote at any time in the office of the Board of Election Commissioners--if ballots are available. There are specific hours for this (and maybe even specific days) so call 312-269-7967 for the hours of your local Illinois office. This can be done 3 weeks before the election (so starting in mid-October).

Sis, if any of this is unclear, send me an email and I will try to clear it up. Use those websites and numbers for any other details not mentioned because I probably don't know the answer to those. And print this out and put it in the mail today!

And get your friends registered!

I love you sis.

Absentee Ballot for Illinois voters registered in Chicago
Instructions for Absentee voting (Chicago, IL)
Deadlines for Election 08 and voter registration

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