Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday White Girl Magic

Waiting for the bus in Georgetown. In a line.

Asian man in a suit in front. A young, blond female behind him. Me and my 'fro behind her.

Bus pulls up.

Asian guy steps forward, shakes his head and seems to think again, then steps back. Motions for the blond female to proceed before him.

I step forward.

Asian man in a business suit steps back into line in front of me and behind her.

He gets on the bus.

I get on the bus behind him.



This racialicious moment brought to you by White Girl Magic: The Elixir that Makes the World Go 'Round! Available in three delicious flavors: "White Girl Tears"; "Blond, Buxom, and Barely Legal"; and "Lost and Missing Save Me From the Third World!"


T said...

OMG. Story of my life.

ThummyB said...

It's so amazing to me how stuff like this happens all the time and nobody else even sees it. I bet if you had called him out, then he would have been completely baffled like "Prejudice? Why I'd never do such a thing. I hired a black man just yesterday!"

Kismet said...

"And my best friend is black too!"

...yeah. i know girl.