Thursday, October 16, 2008

Because I Lust for Spaces to Create....

Enjoy the debate? Great. If you are like me, you have seen all three debates, you have made your campaign contributions, you have made your phone calls and attended your rallies. You have blogged or at least left comments on political blogs. You've early voted.

Today is October 16, 2008. If you are like me you have chosen. And you are done.

I am quite tired of the vitriolic tone of the last week or so. And there are bigger and better political bloggers than me.

So I am changing gears. Shall we put the fall design on the blog? Coming soon. New posts on a variety of topics? Coming soon. Maybe as early as tomorrow. Let me digest my arroz con camarones first.

In the meantime, find me in a few other places. Hopefully these places will help me survive this last year and a half (knock on wood) of graduate school:

Twitter. I am twitter-pated as bfp so gleefully pointed out one tweet ever so long ago. I am not on as regularly as I used to be because I found it was not conducive to that sweet, deep thought that a dissertation writer needs. Still, I pop in. And say hi. So pop in. And say hi to me.

Nuñez Daughter. Alice Walker wrote: "How simple a thing it seems to me that to know ourselves as we are, we must know our mothers' names." Nuñez Daughter is a space for me to know and explore that. It is for the reflective, historian, theorist in me. In the tradition of This Bridge Called My Back. Posts will be fairly sporadic and long. Explore away.

Self Care: Revise, Revise, Revise. Behind Frederick Douglass' home in SE Washington, DC. is a tiny little hut. Calling it a cottage is too much and a room is too little, although it wasn't much more than that. He called it the Growlery. It was where he did some of his writing and thinking. I like to imagine it was where he went to vent, scream, and growl at the ridiculousness of the world. Self Care is my internet Growlery. Posts on it are even more sporadic than Nuñez Daughter; not because there hasn't been absolute foolishness in the world to discuss of late, but because when the b.s. level gets to a certain level, I tend to just Check Out. Still, if you ever want to see me rage, storm, throw pots at the wall, punch holes in mirrors, or otherwise temper tantrum my way back to sanity, go there.

African Diaspora, Ph.D. Great blog that will highlight new scholarship in the field of African Diaspora history, share thoughts on trends, and facilitate exchange of classroom, workshop and research materials. For the stuffy academic in me.

Young Black Professional. Headed by the young Frederic Mitchell. I am not there as often as I should be. I need to get back into the fray. And I plan to. Whether I am there or not, jump on in. Hey, maybe you can help me find my way. What should my main subjects be? Politics? Race and Gender? Black Latinidad? Books and history? Afrofuturism? So much deliciousness to choose from.

Quirky Black Girls and Firewalkers: Black Women Doing Women Studies. Jump on in. Mix it up. Debate with us. Love us for being just who we need to be. Find my note to a bus rider in the QBG mag. Buy me L.A. Banks new edited volume. Write me a love letter.

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