Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year and a Novel

It's a new year and it seems that everyone has their goals. I was very against new year's resolutions this year. It just seemed to not make sense that suddenly with the stroke of midnight you were going to make a change in your life you couldn't make before, start on a goal you've had but not followed through on. Why wait for the new year? I ask. Why wait for the new year to do what you've wanted to do?

Either way it is a new year and I have goals that I want to accomplish, not as my new year's resolution but because they were things I started in 2007 that I didn't get to finish. The main of which would be my novel. I worked on it in bits and pieces during school, but now during holiday break I have actually sat down to start from the beginning and write on through.

It's pretty fun actually. I've never written a novel and while I knew I was not a natural short story writer, I had yet to know for sure if I was a natural novelist. Now, I would have to say so. On Wednesday I thought on my ideal weekly page count goal to have by Saturday and was not convinced that I would hit it but ended up surpassing it yesterday (Thursday). Maybe I've just been having a good couple of days. I'm not sure, but I do know that writing for myself and not for school is infinitely more enjoyable and satisfying. I am also pleased that I am motivated enough to work hard and long without the impending due date hanging over my head to push me.

So what I would like to accomplish this year (and not because it is a new year), or more specifically what I would like to accomplish in the next four months is a complete first draft of my novel. Basically I'd like to finish it by graduation.

Who thinks I can do it? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone think I can't? Well fie on you! I'll do it just you wait.

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