Friday, January 4, 2008

Obama Roundup

In celebration of (and cautious of) his win, I'm gonna do a good, old fashioned roundup:

The Unapologetic Mexican
is filled with "hope" but demanding "justice" and wondering if Obama can stop playing politics long enough to deliver.

On Tell Me More, my idol (1 of 3) Michele Martin discusses the "historic win." In a two-for-one special, so do the gentlemen in the Tell Me More "Barbershop" led by the frustratingly logical Jimi Izrael.

Anyone who wants to see Obama's victory speech, catch it at SCBlackPress a spin-off.

Speaking of, Paul Butler considers whether or not it is appropriate for Hillary to use the race card against Barack. Meanwhile, Latinopundit draws attention to the young voting bloc that put him over the top.

The Nation observes that beating "Bush Republicanism" may also mean defeating Clintonian Democracy. Others are talking in similar terms while Le Monde (need to read French) rags on Clinton as the "ancienne regime."

Pop + Politics gets all teared eyed with a "Where Were You" when history was made.

And my favorite post so far--which pretty much summed up how I felt watching the speech at midnight last night--came out of the from the Blacksmythe, Dr. Lester K. Spence. That is, Obama's opponent(s) is a bad muthaf*cker. And he's gotta be quick, clever, and pretty damn creative to keep up. But at the end of the day...well.... "I am hope" indeed!

Check back on this post for more updates. I'll re-edit later this evening after the pundits have had their 5:00 coffee.

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[Disclaimer: Clearly, I am pro-Obama. But agree with me or not, get informed on the issues--if you haven't already--by checking out the whole slate at BlackWomenVote! And get registered. Today. Don't be scared.]

post-5:00 p.m. Carnival update:

Brown Iowa
has the stats on the vote broken down generally by age, gender and income level. And I mean general overview. More complete breakdowns are here and here.

The field negro and Mes Deux Cents still aren't sure how the bandwagon feels or how good the kool-aid tastes but just can't help but be at least a little bit inspired.

Gil Troy suggests Hillary forget about trying to be liked in this race and focus on "electability" (And Bill has already set the groundwork for her with his Charlie Rose interview which rikyrah at Jack and Jill Politics already deconstructed into its issues of "entitlement" and white privilege parts)

Happy caucusing.

[Update: After getting a heads up on what a carnival really is, I changed the title. These weren't solicited posts; they were simply found by me as I surfed around in post-Iowa excitement. Apologies on the novice mistake.]

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