Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just In Time For Lunch: Obama Round Up #2

Clinton wins New Hampshire primary with 40% to Obama's 37% (or 36 depending on the news media). So some of her updates are mixed in here also. And not all of these are from after the primary because plenty of juicy Barack news went floating around right before the results were announced.

BEFORE/DURING the voting.....

My idol, Michele Martin tackles the tiny (1%) African American vote in New Hampshire and the impact it could have on the primary.

The Anxious Black Woman cautions us to not believe the hype--not only have women run for president before, but BLACK women have run for president before. (Editorial note: Will the next one be a Puerto Rican female candidate...or Chicana?)

Gloria Steinem, old guard feminista, steps out, guns blazing, in Hillary's favor....but Brownfemipower shuts her down with a round up her own. My favorite is from Sudy:

Right. Because the right to VOTE being given to black men over a century ago proves that gender overwhelms race. Yes, let's focus on how White women were restricted the right to vote while ALL Black slaves were restricted the right to live.
Meanwhile, Bill bares his teeth and calls Obama's win a "fairy tale." Watch it.

AFTER the primary...

The New York Times has my favorite headline today: "Clinton Escapes to Fight Another Day" [emphasis mine]

The Electronic Village breaks down how the Clinton win was possible [in case anyone forgot about the 1% black vote above]

The Feminist Law Professors break down the Clinton win by gender, with a link to where you can find the rest of the breakdown at MSNBC

But The field warns us not to forget about Obama...or Edwards (who got 17% of the vote). There are 48 more states to go.

And from across the diaspora, The Zeleza Post suggests that we forget the polls:

"The voters lied. They lied to the pollsters, and the pundits who invoked the polls as magic chants lied to the public and the world. The voters lied because at the heart of the race between Senators Clinton and Obama is race, not the seductions of rhetoric or personality."

Last, in general election news:

The Supreme Court is considering how constitutional it is for states to require government issued identification cards in order to cast your vote. NPR covers it here.

Enjoy your lunch.

Post-5:00 p.m. updates:

Angy Black Bitch gets excited because her students point out the obvious:
"They have no interest in the Democratic race being decided early because they want a chance to have their say! "
And Mark Anthony Neal points out that black women represent 40% + of the registered voters in South Carolina. So who will win: Oprah's Obama or Marcia L. Dyson's Hill? More important, why do "Black women represent a segment of the American electorate that has rarely had their concerns addressed or even acknowledged?"

And Fin! (At least until tomorrow!)


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Thank you for the heads up. I will make sure that I stop through the wikizine and Sojourner's Place. Making our voices heard, even online, is so important. Thank you for what you do!