Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Twittering One Tree Hill Premiere (Second Half)

(I think Twitter is the right term.) Anyway, here we go!

(And I started late, sorry!)

9:17: Are you serious? Haley you hired a fly, fine and sexy nanny for your down and out but still also young and sexy husband? Get the f*ck out of here. Never, ever will I make THAT mistake....

9:24: Most unrealistic story line so far: Brooke, you skipped out on Milan and fashion to go back to wack a$$ One Tree Hill, North Carolina? Come on.

9: 26: Most annoying story line so far: Nathan and his woe-is-me-ness.

9:31: Don't you hate it when the new girlfriend is really, really cool. Sh*t sucks. And I adore how Haley looks (and acts) like such an adult. Guess that's what happens when you have a kid. Or it should happen.

9:32: Nathan at poolside and paralyzed? Prelude to a suicide attempt....

9:34: Yes! Social networking! Friends don't let friends self-destruct! Go Brooke for lending Peyton a helping hand via offering fashion capital to start a music label.

9:43: I think Lucas should have been with a black chick. But I guess his new girl looks a little bit Latina. [Yes, this was written after I saw him walking with ole girl and she showed just the hint of thickness]

9:45: Aww man. Haley and Nathan's kid just won the cuteness test. "I'm taking a stand." But I wanna keep the clothes. Go on and get 'em boo.

9:53: Did Quinn just go the way of many of our young, black brothers? I think that he did. Let's hope OTH brings him back for that oh so cliche "second chance."

9:55: Nathan--that dip in the pool was corny. But I did get baby goosebumps. I feel kinda crunk.

9:57: Conclusion with Haley's voiceover. The most annoying storyline got resolved, the unrealistic storyline continues but the most realistic storyline just became Peyton starting over from her hometown, supported by (family?) and friends. Cause if you can't go home again, what can you do?

I think I'm re-hooked on OTH. How did they manage to do that to an (almost) 26 year old? Is it because Grey's Anatomy is out on writer strike? Or am I just wack?

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