Thursday, January 24, 2008

Obama Roundup #3

Here's some after lunch-before happy hour procrastination for you. This round up is a bit weaker than the last ones because there haven't been that many good articles. By good, I mean, articles trying to cut through the usual race, gender b.s. (or willing to talk about race and gender in the campaign in interesting ways). But enjoy!

And the winner is.....

Rikyrah over at Jack and Jill Politics who throws it down SO RIGHT with her frosty critique of the lax and lazy media analysis of the importance of the South Carolina primary to the election and the importance of black voters in general.

In other news....

The field watched the "love" go out the window during the lastest round of debates--and he has my favorite headline of this roundup: "A live boy or a dead girl." Holla at the article if you don't know what that's all about.

Obama kept it pretty damn real when he put Ronald Reagan over Bill Clinton in a recent interview. Faye Anderson was not at all amused with his "audacious praise". But Sojourner's Place reflectively agrees that "the trajectory of my life certainly changed with the Reagan Presidency." [Sidenote: If you have iTunes, get the most recent Meet the Press podcast. It has a provocative roundup of the opportunistic follow up comments made by Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.]

Don't believe the hype: Louis Pagan is keeping track of the prominent and not so prominent Latina/os who are supporting Obama, here and here. On the ground, asserting their rights, Latina/os demand recognition that they are a part of this debate--and this country--too.

On the general education side....

For anyone still confused about how this whole crazy caucus/primary/huh? process works, Edge of the West (at the request of Bitch, Ph.D.) breaks it down to its basic components in a commendably historical fashion.

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