Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blog Break Open Thread

I am still on hiatus.

But I am also pondering all sorts of online projects. Inspired, as always, by Firewalking Women and Radical Women of Color such as Lex, Johonna and BFP.

Some of those include e-zines, blog reading/study groups, twitter writing groups, organization webcams, media literacy workshops using YouTube....The possibilities are endless.

What kinds of projects do you imagine? What do you dream technology can do for you as an afrofuturist, artist, activist, researcher, or regular Jane? What should I jump into next (and will you jump with me!)?

Open thread. Until I get back.

Let's inspire each other.

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Anonymous said...

hello, pardon my interuption, i saw your comment on hermana resist that Incite DC were talking how to support children at conferences. I do not know if this helps or not - but thought I would leave this in case it does. This list is merely an informal thing, to build and create dialouge, and a work in progress - from the anarchist parents listserv in response to crimethInc asking how to make their event supportive for mothers and children:

best wishes,
china martens
the future generation