Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Online Comments on Ronnie White's Death: "Blame It On Rap Music and the Wire"

Investigations are underway trying to determine why a teenager accused of killing a police officer is dead.

I did it. I know, I know. It was a bad idea to do. It always hurts my heart. And my head. But I did it anyway.

I read the comments under the online articles. Here's a particularly stomach roiling sample from WPO:

And this is relevant to....what? So you honestly expect there to be an "uproar" when some gangbanging piece of trash gets whacked while pulling a gun on a cop? But if a cop gets killed in the line of duty, hey whats the big deal, happens all the time. And the thing is, I have had a few bad experiences with cops myself,but give me a break. And you something, anytime somebody says, "I could care less if the person involved was polka-dot" generally those are the biggest racists around. I hope that guy died in jail choking on his own vomit, he STILL would have suffered less than the the cop he ran over and dragged to his death.

What's sad is that some of the black folks posting and stating that his Mr. White was killed are probably the same people that blame everyone else for their problems. The fact is, this young man committed a crime and killed a police officer while in the act of committing the crime. If he wasn't out committing the crime then he probably wouldn't be sitting the jail cell.
From here on out, I intend to organize counter lawsuits -- taxpayer class-actions -- against the imbecile single "purents" of our dysfunctional criminal class who have the audacity to sue us when their murderous little cretins end up dead after clashing with police. It seems to me that their negligence as parents results in huge taxpayer expenditures for welfare, special ed, stolen property, and criminal investigations, prosecutions and incarcerations. My lawsuits won't be able to squeeze much money out of these miscreants, of course, but I'll be willing to settle if they agree to vasectomies and tubal ligations and never sue taxpayer-funded authorities again.
And from WUSA9:


Another said case of some mother and father not parenting their child appropriately and their child turns into an animal of 19 years with no morals, no values, and no respect. It is a sad commentary on the state of life in PG County that this type of stuff continues to happen with their youth and people just look around and point blame at others. Mothers and Fathers look into the mirror. Raise your children. Teach them to dress appropriately and carry themselves as if they are a child of God.

Apparently you knew the selfish low life and failed to read all the blogs.You are the ONLY person here who feels this "boy" of 19 years old is not "just" a criminal.You are right about one thing, he had absolutely no conscience, nor respect for life.Did he not serve 6 months in prison for drug possesion and distribution?As well as charges of gun possession?He WAS a criminal.The media is not making him look bad you ignorant moron.HE proved that all himself.He took away a father, husband, son, friend, and a true hero.Someone Ronnie White was never man enough to be.What other side of the story could there be when Ronnie White ran Corporal Findley over to his tragic death?Maybe you should shut your mouth and accept the truth for who Ronnie really was instead of placing blame for his "unfortunate" death.You know what they say about karma. My thoughts and prayers are with the Findley family.He will never be forgotten.
And, of course, we can't ever seem to stop ourselves from dropping this little piece of wisdom whenever any "urban" crime occurs:
blame it on rap music and The Wire.
So true! Let me throw out my Wire Season 2 DVDs RIGHT NOW! Because THAT is going to protect me from police assault and guarantee me due process when my case goes up to trial!


Random Question: Why is it always the Wire anyway? Why not the District? Or friggin Jack Bauer? Or all the other Dirty Harry police shows that were in the making way before the Wire?

More Relevant Question: Since when is vigilante justice, justice?

Duh, Kismet. Since Billie sang "Strange Fruit"....

Sorry. I meant to reserve my opinion on this and let the facts speak for themselves. I'll try to restrain myself.

W2S readers, what do you think? I know some of you (lurkers and commentators) have had discussions about violence, police harassment, the prison industrial complex, and the criminal justice system with your friends and foes before. I know many of you may have personal contact with all of the above--you or someone you know. And I know a good number of you have VERY STRONG opinions on this subject.


2 Sidenotes:
  • The attention WUSA9 has given this story makes my heart happy. Every other news network (and, remember, the DMV gets two signals--the B-More and D.C.--for each network) has buried it. Even WPO is stepping back.
  • PGC County is passing the case on to the Maryland State Police (hmm) and the FBI (hmm!). The FBI is also making this a civil rights case.

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ThummyB said...

I'm really torn on this one. On the one hand I definitely would like to see every person accused of a crime receive due process and a chance to reform/pay their debt to society. I absolutely DO NOT agree that someone's chance to make ammends and change their life should be taken from them in an act of revenge.

On the other hand...as the daughter of a cop and person who is realizing each day just how precious life is...I don't have a ton of sympathy for this young man. My thoughts are truly with the family, friends, and co-workers of this officer.

This is not to say that I don't agree that appropriate punishment should be handed down if it is proven that this young man was murdered. However, I don't know that these are the cases that we as a community want to rally around and march behind. It seems that we get so up in arms and run to the defense of individuals who started out by doing the wrong thing. Yet, when someone is truly a victim or an innocent we have little to say.

I think that his family should pursue the truth. However, I cannot say that I will be wearing all black or marching on Washington in this case.