Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Class: What I Learned This Year

I found this in my mail stack this afternoon:

Dear [Kismet],

Congratulations on earning a distinctive academic honor. By placing in the top 15% of your class at University of [Hard Knocks], you are invited to join [Privilege, Status, and Class] Honour Society...

[PSC Honour Society] members are entitled to exclusive career and recruiting opportunities at a global level. Your one-time $70 student membership fee includes...
Hmm. (emphasis mine)

So if I can't pay the $70 fee, does that now mean my "outstanding academic achievement" is bullocks? Or just "this distinct honor"?

(Sorry, I've been watching BBC America lately)

Class privilege is an amazing--and invisible--thing. I never would have seen this five years ago, or even one year ago.


And let's not forget....
"It is important for you to accept this invitation by November 21, 2008 as we cannot guarantee this invitation will remain open after the deadline."
Nice to know I am outstanding, distinctive and honored--but only for a limited time.


celi said...

and I didn't even notice it now. i was thinking "yes, give my girl her props for a job well done." it is crazy how something you've already "earned" comes with a price, but it comes as no real surprise. it's just an extension of the education system - application fees, transcripts, fees for tests, fees to send test scores, and don't even get me started on test prep. it's like they assume since you made it this far you must have that paper to fork other and if you don't what's a few meals for this distinctive honor.

although, if it is what it says it is, a one-time $70 fee is not bad compared to some other organizations.

Chas said...

I received the same thing.

I would agree with you re. class if it was legit, but it's more of a scam than anything.

T said...

That's hilarious. The same thing happened to me. I was supposed to be in a Who's Who book. Now in HS this ish was free, but you ended up buying the book, so you could see your name in it.

As a professional it's like 275, 300 dollars. After my phone interview and coming up with the dopest answers to indicate who and what I contribute my success to, he dropped that price tag on me. I was like thanks Sir, but I'm no longer interested. He's like Ms. [my real last name] please don't hand up, you'll still be included and we'll send you info on how you can get copies of the book.


RageyOne said...

wait! you got my letter! what the heck? i'm totally confused. i though *I* was being bestowed with that distinct honor. oh crap, i'm really not that special.

walking away, kicking rocks. :)

Kismet said...

@RageyOne how about we split the $70 and we can both be distinctive? for a limited time!

@chas Nooooooooo!!!!!! My whole self-worth was tied to it! ::sniffling:: Crazy how these people find you, no?

@Celi and T, I get dizzy remembering all of the fees, transcripts, tests, etc. From h.s. through undergrad and even now, it is ridiculous.