Monday, October 27, 2008

I Love You

Maybe it is the holidays (or the holiday commercials), maybe it is the stress from work, maybe it is being so far from home, but I just about burst into tears when I read this.

Read it first over at the Anxious Black Woman's house then searched the compadres in my blog reader for a credible link. The Culture Kitchen delivered.

The medical examiner positively identified the body found in the Chevrolet Suburban as Julian King, Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis said Monday afternoon.

Police are collecting evidence from the Suburban and reviewing surveillance tapes from all over the city as the investigation continues, Weis told reporters.

"There's a lot of work to be done. We'll be sure we go through this thoroughly," he said.

Asked about possible motives, Weis said, "We don't know what the motive really was at this time. But, clearly you have people who do know each other, so it wasn't a case of a stranger-type homicide."

Earlier Monday Deputy Chief Cmdr. Wayne Gulliford said police had responding to "a call about a suspicious auto" in the west side of Chicago at approximately 7 a.m. when they found the body inside a parked white Chevy Suburban, which had a license plate matching the description in the child's Amber Alert.

Read the rest. Apparently it was a domestic violence situation.

I love Chicago. And I love my family and my friends. At the moment I have been lucky to keep everyone I know. They remain on this planet, on this plane, however you want to think of it--they are right here with me. Only a phone call away.

I don't know what I would do if...

My prayers are with Jennifer Hudson and her family. And with my own.

And because I am slightly frantic and typing this at the same time, I want to send a call out not to the sisters but to the gentlemen. This is going to get fairly heterosexist, but bear with me. I'm a work in progress.

That said--Men. Check yourselves. And your fathers, brothers, cousins, nephews, sons, godsons, grandsons, best friends and frenemies (yeah dudes have them too).

When your boy hits a female, it isn't a game. When he hides her money, when he disrespects her in public or humiliates her in private, it isn't funny. And it isn't JUST their business. You need to make it your own. Women, well, we do a lot. But YOU NEED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR EACH OTHER AS WELL.

Maybe, if we work together, we can create a society where this ISN'T OKAY.

And then, maybe, one day stuff like this won't happen.

Check out WOC PhD's post for info. Or check out this page for ways to help yourself or someone else who is abusing. Support October 30: Be Bold, Be Red! events in your area. Or start your own project.

If there is any way Waiting 2 Speak can help, give the Kis a shout.

~all blessings and praise to you and yours Jennifer...I'm so sorry this happened~

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Veronica said...

It's true...violence is not just in hetero relationships, but when most of the violence we see day in and day out is man on woman, we need to check the men in our lives. Even our good ones need to be reminded to check the men in their lives. Nicely said.