Friday, November 7, 2008

Only the Prez #1

Welcome to the first issue of "Only the Prez."

Also known as, "Things Only Obama Can Do Lest You Be Wrecked by the Kis."

After all, he is the first black President. People of all backgrounds and ignorance levels will make silly mistakes and try to justify them because, "Heck, Obama did it."

I am just trying to help YOU out.

This installment will be short, sweet, and is meant to forestall the ridiculous that may follow a certain press conference remark made today:

1. Only the Prez can call himself a "mutt."

2. You may not arbitrarily call the mixed-race people around you, including Kismet, mutts.

3. #2 applies no matter your racial or ethnic background (i.e. There is no "Ghetto Pass" on this one. Black folks you are barred too)

Any questions?


Thought said...

when I saw that (and the Nancy Regan comment), my jaws dropped. I also saw Soledad O'Brien's face and she didn't look too pleased, although she didn't criticize him.

ThummyB said...


*sidenote* Who is that in the pic...Michelle's mom?