Friday, November 7, 2008

Prop 8 Organizing

From the Daily Dish:

One of the most brilliant things about the Obama campaign was that they didn't expect callers and canvassers to be policy wonks. They just said "tell your story, let people know why you're voting for him. Connect with people." I can't help but feel at this point that if the gloves were taken off we could've helped people get a grip on the real issues at stake here, which I happen to think is a matter of soiling the state constitution.

What was even more confounding was the No on 8 campaign's decision to stay away form polling places at churches and schools. First of all, most polling places are at churches and schools, and second, that mentality buys right into the Yes on 8 brainwashing campaign that same sex marriage is going to corrupt our morals and our children. This idiocy was obvious to everyone that I worked with on the campaign. What was going on with the leadership upstairs?!!!


Sidenote: I plan to educate myself on Proposition 8 and 2008 election measures passed. It's a new world folks (I can't get enough of saying that) and we need to fight back when civil rights are denied. Looking here at home (whether home is yourself or your community or your church) is critical.

Because "if they take you in the morning, they will be coming for us that night."


Thought said...

This has been a talking point all week, particularly the breakdown of the voting....something like 60% of the Blacks and Latinos in California voted YES it. But thats contrasted with something like 75% of the 30 and under crowd voting NO.

This is definately a civil rights issue and will not go away with just a measure on election day and they're protesting in California these results. We may be looking at the current day Plessy vs Ferguson, and its our job to bring about the present day Brown vs Board.

Kismet said...

I agree--it is a civil rights issue. I think it is going to be a hot one for awhile and I think the fact that an black man is in the highest office in the land underscores the work we (U.S) still need to do to secure those rights and the work we (black peoples) need to do to keep fighting for them across the board.

Long way to go....long way to go...even when it gets uncomfortable....trying to figure out myself how to be a better ally....

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